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Meet TheDogs of Bullmastiff-Fort


Fort Smith, Arkansas

Ranells Stonewall Jackson

Ranells Hershel Keeps Walkers


See more pictures of the crew on Instagram:



Ranells Nadia in Razorback Red

Ranells Esther My Lady Luck

Ranells Cher Ami

CherAmi's Pups are going to their new Homes!!

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This is "Sue" ( Hershel X CherAmi) owned by The Joseph Zuzo family

Hello! I'm Joel (pronounced Joe-elle) and these are my Bullmastiffs. I am a full-time dog breeder and have 5 beautiful Bullmastiff dogs who produce adorable puppies that grow into gorgeous dogs!

Please take a look around my site. You'll get to meet the parents, see some of the previous litters, and get a peek at the new puppies that are available.

One of these babies is sure to steal your heart! They are so cute and lovable and will become your best friends for life. Please contact me if you have any questions. We have two to three litters a year and ship nationwide.

We adhere to AKC standards for conformation and are continually working towards perfection of the breed.

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This is Alfy, a Hershel X CherAmi pup, belonging to Brendan & Karen Kelleher He is 6 mos. old here...Look at those big paws!

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It is with a very heavy heart that we inform you of the passing of our forever beloved Dulcinea. She was my shadow, and the most wonderful companion I could have ever hoped or dreamed of having. Words are cheap, but our friendship was priceless. Dulce, you will FOREVER be in our hearts!!!

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Ranells Hershel Keeps Walkers

Born 4/23/2016, Hershel is the newest stud here at Bullmastiff-Fort.  His sire is Ch. Daystars Relentless Gamekeeper. We're excited to see him grow. Keep checking back for updated photos. Out of Hershel's 5-generation pedigree, 27/28 dogs are champions!



Nadia in Razorback Red

Nadia is a 4 year-old red female. She is 24" tall and weighs 120 lbs. She is very stocky and muscular - more of a working-type Bullmastiff. She is bold,  but obedient. Her pups make excellent guard dogs.

Esther My Lady Luck

Born 6-20-2015, Esther is the daughter of Nadia and Ch. Dream Las Vegas Speedway von Helken. Vegas is out of Ch. Bastion's Celebration Time, the first Bullmastiff to become both a Canadian and U.S. Champion simultaneously.

Hershel weighed 172.2 on the vet's scales on 4/21/20

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Important information, including the pricing, is found on "The Process" page

Stonewall Jackson

​Jackson is a 5 year-old fawn male. He stands 27" tall and weighs 162 lbs.  He would rather be petted than eat.  He has a son with Nadia that tipped the scales at 170 lbs. at less than 2 years old. 

Introducing "Cher Ami"

Born 6-25-2018 Cher Ami has MANY champions,( and a Grand Champion) in her IMPRESSIVE pedigree! Her sire is red,and both of his parents are red, so we hope to get beautiful reds out of her someday when bred to Hershel. Tune in right here & watch her grow, as we post pictures of her progress. Oh, and look up her's a very heartwarming & interesting piece of WW1 history!

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