May 17

The Good News Is.........


Esther IS pregnant. The BAD news looks like only one or two puppies are in there!! Ultrasounds are not a tool used for "counting" pups ( Xrays are), they are used for simply confirming pregnancy. Xrays cannot be used to actually count puppies until day 51-53 (vets will vary), because the babies' bones do not calcify until that stage of gestation. There may be a pup hiding in the rib cage, but since this one visible pup is so huge, it's possible that this is the only one!

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  • joelsbullmastiffs
    Oct 16

    We bred the pair on Monday, and again today. We will ultrasound on or near her 35th day of gestation to confirm a pregnancy. We will post that information here in approximately 35 days!
  • joelsbullmastiffs
    Oct 5

    CherAmi is in the early stages of her heat cycle. We will post more news here as soon as we breed her to Hershel. The breeding should take place somewhere between Oct. 12 (at the earliest) through Oct. 16... won't be long now!
  • joelsbullmastiffs
    Jun 17

    Esther only had 1 puppy, born Saturday...a beautiful red girl! We know that is disappointing to several on the waiting list...we are disappointed too that we don't have more than that. Mom and daughter are doing great!

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