Jun 9, 2017



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  • joelsbullmastiffs
    Feb 21

    Th e WONDERFUL Menard Family renamed Jovie, Delta Blue! I don't think Delta will want for anything!! Amanda and family actually greeted us with a gift as well: she painted a PRICELESS picture of my Dulcinea, AND greeted us with cookies!!! Yes, who "wouldn't" want my job?!! We get to meet so many wonderful people and our puppies are SO fortunate! Buddy has also gone to his new home in Kansas, and we have not yet heard what his new name is yet. We truly enjoyed meeting his new mom, Trish Votaw...we had a lot of things in common, and we are CERTAIN that Buddy has found the right, forever home!! Trish made the transition so easy for us, as we instantly had a great feeling about her!
  • joelsbullmastiffs
    Feb 2

    For the female ( Jovie) I have heard that these are the contenders so far... Hazel....Lilly....or Delilah!
  • joelsbullmastiffs
    Dec 26, 2018

    We are calling the pups, "Jovie" and "Buddy"

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