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Hi! I'm Joel (pronounced Joe-elle) and these are my beautiful Bullmastiffs. Breeding dogs is my passion. I am an avid animal lover, which started as a kid and continued into college when I had horses. I fell in love with Bullmastiff's and now have 5 beautiful dogs that live with me and my family in Ft. Smith, Arkansas.  I got my first Bullmastiff in 1999 from Jean Crawford of JC's Kountry Kennels.  She was somewhat of a pioneer with the Bullmastiff breed here in Arkansas. Her kennel name graces the pages of many pedigrees.  I grew up in a home that showed AKC Great Danes and German Shepherds.  My father taught me how to read pedigrees and about AKC standards and conformation.  I learned what it meant to breed certain dogs together to achieve more desirable traits.  I want buyers to have quality puppies that are from well-thought-out breedings.


I have 2 males (Stonewall Jackson & Hershel) and 3 females (Nadia, Dulcinea, and Esther). They are all AKC registered; pedigrees available upon request.

I'm also the proud mother of 4 amazing children and the wife to a wonderful husband of 28 years. Two of my children have graduated college and the other two are on their way. The money that comes from selling the puppies goes toward my children's college fund and keeping the rest of the dogs healthy and happy. 


All of our dogs are kept in our house and treated like members of the family.  These puppies are exposed to common household sounds such as the vacuum, the blender, and my children's musical instruments.  They get to go on car rides, meet new people, and walk the aisles of the feed store.  They get to go for walks to start on basic leash training.  All puppies are show quality.  We do not have kennels or runs.  Puppies come to you well on their way to being housebroken.


If this is your first Bullmastiff, you are in for a treat.  They are the sweetest, most loving, and wonderfully protective dogs on the planet.  I hope that you will provide them with a loving home and become good friends with your pup for years to come!

I am a full-time mom and dog breeder. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. I am happy to help!

Ranells Hershel

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