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Bullmastiff Fort

       Fort Smith, AR


Next breeding will be approximately Oct. 2020


  Hershel Keeps Walkers has a pedigree that is top-notch. Out of his 5-generation pedigree, ALL but one dog is a champion!! Hershel makes me want to show! While  there is no doubt that a Hershel & Esther pup will have an astonishing bloodline, and the future of such a pup will be fun to follow,  the combination of these two is seriously impressive!


Hershel's character is that of a typical male Bullmastiff:  Gentle, sweet, slobbery, and ALWAYS wanting to be touching you! Our 10 yr. old Boston Terrier chases Hershel around a large tree in our backyard which is quite entertaining!!

Hershel weighed 158 lbs. in Dec. of 2017, at 20 mos.


Hershel weighed 172.2 on the vet's scales, April, 2020

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We are sad to say, Nadia has now been retired!! She has given so many people the most beautiful pups, and a female like this does NOT come along very often at all. We are so grateful that God brought her into our lives!! She will remain here & live out her days enjoying retirement!


Esther My Lady Luck is the daughter of Nadia out of Ch. Dream LasVegas SpeedwyVon Helken. "Vegas" is out of Bastion's Celebration Time. Celebration Time was the first Bullmastiff to become both a US and Canadian champion simultaneously! This is a serious bloodline, full of champions. If you want a pup with great show potential, an Esther pup should be your choice. Esther weighed 120 on May 23, 2017.



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