Jun 8, 2017

Past Buyer?


How was your experience with Bullmastiff-Fort?

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  • joelsbullmastiffs
    May 17, 2018

    Just to let you know... "The Process" page has more information on it regarding pricing, shipping and other little tidbits that you may find helpful :)
  • joelsbullmastiffs
    May 17, 2018

    We are so glad to have a few new site members! Things will "amp" up and more news posted when the girs begin their heat cycles... Just want to let ya'll know, we do check in on here periodically, and especially when more events start to develop...glad to have you all!
  • joelsbullmastiffs
    Jun 9, 2017

    To leave a message be sure to add the post title on the first line, and then add the body of the message below where indicated by the smaller type :)

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