Sep 6, 2018

Heavy, Heavy Heart....


We have been devastated to even say, but Dulcinea passed away on 8-18-18. She had eaten a rock, which was removed. Later, it was discovered that her gall bladder was full of gastric juices. This problem was at first masked, because we all thought it was the rock causing the problem. She had 2 major surgeries in 12 days ( C-section, then exploratory), and the whole time we thought she wasn't recovering quickly enough from exploratory, it was actually her gall bladder. Our vet was out of town directly after he performed Dulce's surgery, so we sought out help from another vet, but it was just too late. Dulce died in the back of the van as I was checking her in at the second vet's office. We never knew she was having this problem. It was masked by the rock, and by what we thought was the slow response from the anesthesia. She was my shadow...she is so terribly missed as we watch TV each night, and she is not laying on my feet. Her spot, where her dinner bowl belongs, so hard to look at this empty location when it's dinner time. Words cannot really express the hole in my heart. If you have a Dulce pup, you KNOW the sweetness that she exuded, because your pup has that in him or her. That's one great dog, gone from this Earth....but never from my memory!!!!

Sep 7, 2018

We are so sorry for your loss. Dulce was a sweetheart. I only had the pleasure of meeting her once, but we quickly became buddies when I was trying to fill out the paperwork for Tank. She wanted to help and was quick to “protect” me from the dogs outside/only pet her and not them. I’ve told that story several times. She was a special girl.


Cheryl, Louis and of course Tank.


Sep 7, 2018

Thank you for that memory! It makes me smile, because that is "so Dulce"! She sure did want all the attention! I think hearing these things actually helps...part of my sadness is thinking I'll forget all the little nuances and "quirks" she had, and I certainly don't want to do that! Makes me really glad ya'll got to drive up and pick up Mr. Tank in person! We hope he is being a good boy for you guys!


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  • joelsbullmastiffs
    Oct 16

    We bred the pair on Monday, and again today. We will ultrasound on or near her 35th day of gestation to confirm a pregnancy. We will post that information here in approximately 35 days!
  • joelsbullmastiffs
    Oct 5

    CherAmi is in the early stages of her heat cycle. We will post more news here as soon as we breed her to Hershel. The breeding should take place somewhere between Oct. 12 (at the earliest) through Oct. 16... won't be long now!
  • joelsbullmastiffs
    Jun 17

    Esther only had 1 puppy, born Saturday...a beautiful red girl! We know that is disappointing to several on the waiting list...we are disappointed too that we don't have more than that. Mom and daughter are doing great!

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